How to Play

  • Tap a square to change its color.
  • You can tap several times - watch the 'taps left' counter.
  • After 'taps left' reaches 0, the round is over, and the tiles are matched. Any groups of 3 or more disappear.
  • Try to beat the score goal by the time you run out of rounds. Careful - the order of colors can change between rounds!
  • You earn points for each block cleared. Most blocks are worth 100, but the block that's highlighted in the key is worth 150 points.


The game we made is called “Three in One” (a play on match 3 + 1 mechanic). We built the game in Unity. The mechanic we focused on is Tapping. The only way the player interacts with the game is to tap on a brick to change it to another brick. To help the players understand what the brick will change into, we added a key at the top of the level. Matches are only made after the player spends all of their current “Taps” for the round. The number of rounds a player is given changes with each level. Also each round can change the key that the player is using. This helps spice up the gameplay and can lead to some really fun planning on the harder levels. 

Design: Derrick Powell

Code: Tanner Johnson

Art: Tina Zhang-Powell

Music: Victor Hallock

Made withUnity


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This is very clever and well designed.